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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Bathroom Book

Nil (what's wrong with me, oh yeah hernia makes reading in the heads too painful to read concurrently)


Foriegn Affairs May/June 2017 - Present at the Destruction

Evening Read

Death of the Liberal Class - Chris Hedges

I finished Through the Eye of a Needle by Peter Brown while nursing a hangover on Saturday. It was okay. It would have been better had I not been exposed to the wonderful historical writings of Mary Beard, but then I also would have not understood most of what is assumed to be known by Brown in his book. I found it to be your typical historical book, dry with puncutations of interesting events that get drawn out too far for too long. Beard on the other hand was a refreshing read and that I think is what makes her popular with the masses. Also, still working on the most recent issue of FA, very interesting reads on the Trump administration and the future of the US as the leader of the liberal order on the international stage. Again, if this stuff interests/concerns you I suggest you find a copy for yourself.

Unrelated information: I did not post a Fitbit update today because I was too busy Sunday evening to download the information. Next week I will provide double information. But to be honest, I am debating dropping that particular weekly post.

Now tell me, what is the largest book you have ever read and how long did it take you to get through it?

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