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Monday, 1 May 2017

XO Meme Callout

Monday, 1 May 2017 09:26 am
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Since taking over as Executive Officer on HMCS YELLOWKNIFE, a running theme has started on my cabin door of posting a daily XO meme. Last week, given my known inclination toward Star Trek, I had a different Riker meme for each day. It became a running joke (as these things tend do in the doldrum of sea life) for each day with people coming to see which one I had posted for the day.

However, as the XO, I have a whole list of "other things" that I should be working on other than looking and posting memes. Hence the callout to you my friends. I am looking for XO theme memes to post on my door. Anything with an XO flavour will count so Riker, Mr. Bush from Hornblower, Spock, the Dr/CO from Master and Commander, etc, etc. I am open to anything really. Simply post the meme in the thread here (photo or link to photo, your choice). If it makes the cut and ends up on my door, I will take a photo of it and post it here on the weekend. Bonus points if you make the meme yourself, I will take a photo and you will get credit (and the personal satisfaction of knowing one of your creations was posted on a Canadian warship, for whatever that is worth).

What are you waiting for? Getting searching and post that XO meme!
Third update for the Fitbit (and the third week of owning the device). Things are going well. This week's data gives a good baseline for fitness and activity while I am at sea. As you can see, a little bit less activity (it is hard to cover 8 km per day on a 55 m ship) and a lot less sleep. The numbers are indeed interesting. After next week, and once I have a month's worth of data including some time ashore and some time at sea, I am going to compile the data and develop a baseline of fitness and activity. From there I can set real tangible goals for myself.
Date Cals Burned Steps Dist (km) Floors Fairly Active (m) Very Active (m) Activity Cals
2017-04-23 3,313 12,971 5.69 39 67 79 1,828
2017-04-24 3,198 12,062 5.29 39 16 4 1,821
2017-04-25 2,855 8,529 3.74 27 0 0 1,424
2017-04-26 2,928 9,499 4.17 36 7 0 1,469
2017-04-27 2,938 8,416 3.69 28 0 0 1,495
2017-04-28 3,609 12,103 5.31 27 53 21 2,259
2017-04-29 3,624 16,273 7.14 33 80 76 2,248
Wk Average 3,209 11,408 5 33 32 26 1,792
Total Average 3,162 10,875 5 28 32 17 1,714

Sleep has always been a luxury at sea. I am not standing bridge watches as the Executive Officer, so these numbers are actually much better than they would be if I was a watchkeeping. That being said, the lack of sleep and the effect on performance during the day is certainly something that needs to be looked at by a professional pan-Navy. Here is what is happening in my little corner of the world.
Date Asleep (m) Awake (m) Awakenings Time in Bed
2017-04-23 707 44 4 751
2017-04-24 362 29 1 396
2017-04-25 324 16 1 341
2017-04-26 330 25 1 355
2017-04-27 208 12 1 220
2017-04-28 303 12 0 315
2017-04-29 641 36 1 678
WK Average 411 25 1 437
Total Average 398 34 3 439

How much sleep do you get in a night? Do you get as much as you need? How much sleep do you think you need each night in order to feel refreshed the next day? Do you find that if you get too much sleep that you are just as tired during the day as if you got little or no sleep?

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