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October 2017


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Author's note: this is a copy of a letter that was sent to the Kellie Leitch campaign after I received a package in the mail from them with a colourful (and smelly) brochure covered in Leitch's terrible positions on made-up issues. Enjoy.

Dear Dr. Kellie Leitch:

I would first like to thank you for sending me your recent mail-out. How you received my address is actually a mystery to me because I joined the Conservative party through a completely different candidate than yourself. At any rate, I am actually grateful because your package included this pre-paid postage envelop which allowed me to send this letter to you with no cost to myself.

I find everything about your leadership campaign to be troubling. Not just for the Conservative party but for Canada as a whole. Your attempt to stir up discontent aimed directly at our immigration and refugees system is entirely off of the mark of what Canadians are expecting from a party seeking to be in government within the next three years. Additionally, your messaging (while being generous, may be coming from a good place) is actually a dog whistle for dangerous people who believe in extremely racist and bigoted ideas and are always on the lookout for someone in a suit to justify their terrible schemes.

As you have mentioned time and time again during the campaign, you are an educated individual and you clearly must have a reasonable head on your shoulders. However, this is not evident in the content of your campaign. It is troubling to me personally that an educated person such as yourself could even think of expressing the hateful and misinformed messages that you have done during the course of this leadership campaign. It leads me to think that either you are careerist politician who saw a window of support in tapping into these dangerous notions or you actually believe the things you say, in which case you are a terrible person.

I do not want to think that you are a terrible person-- I certainly did not believe that when you were a minister in the Harper government. I am inclined to lean toward you being a careerist politician who will do anything to gain a little support over their rivals. Even if it means tapping into violence and hate. That is a problem and for that reason I will not be supporting you in this leadership race. You are, in all honesty, fighting for the last ranking on my ballot with Brad Trost. For that, you should feel bad. A medical doctor and an effective cabinet minister going head-to-head with a soc-con loser like Trost; you did this to yourself.

Yours in conservatism,
PenlessEJ (obviously I signed with my real name)


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