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October 2017


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...I swear. And to keep you people fed in the meantime, I will admit that I very nearly almost posted the template for the 2017revival group here as a meme post. Yep, that almost just happened. But it didn't, so how much fun can you make of me really?

In other news:

- went to a Whitecaps FC game in Vancouver on Saturday all by myself. I was suppose to go with a friend I went to school with who lives in Vancouver now (and stay at her place on her couch) but she ended up getting food poisoning on Friday night and was in no shape for a game on Saturday. At first I pouted around the house and then I decided to go alone. I ate shit though, had to take the car on the ferry (both ways $72.50 a pop) and as much as I tried on Facebook, Reddit and even walking up to people who were scooping out scalpers I could not get rid of my second ticket. Oh well, more room during the game I suppose. Actually, it worked out well from my nice guy side, two young women were only able to get seats apart in the row and my spare seat was a gap between me and one of her friends, so I offered the extra seat to them.

- Sunday was moving day. I am now all moved into what is being called the cottage between me and Meganne. It was a rough day overall. Meganne was an emotional mess and became very sentimental near the end of the day. I was sad, very sad, but I had a job to do so I focused on getting it done. I also figured that my role in this emotional nightmare is to be somewhat of the anchor, so I plugged ahead and tried to make it as painless for Meganne as possible. Sleeping in new places sucks and I am finding night lights in the oddest places. It used to be an AirBnB, so that might be part of the reason why, but still, odd.

...more to come, with details and photos. I swear.

Popping My Head Up

Tuesday, 5 September 2017 08:05 am
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I am still here! Do not give up on me fellow Dreamwidthers. Last week I went camping Tues-Thurs and this weekend has been busy rental hunting around the city. The good news is that I think I have found a place and everything seems to be coming together today. The bad news is that Meganne and I are not really civil at the moment. In order to make things a little easier, she has moved down to the mainfloor of the house completely. At least this way we are not compelled to acknowledge one another in one form or another (which usually came as rather snippy) when we see each other. Kind of weird, but for the best.

I have photos from camping (which included golfing nine holes in the pouring rain) and some insights from rental hunting so there will be a meatier post soon. For now, I am playing catch up on some posts and you know that work thing.
Meganne, M., A. and myself played a foursome today at Highland Pacific. It was a typical Vancouver Island day in April that meant lots of rain which came and went on its own accord. The photos are similar to the ones from last week but trust me, the photographer was wet and significantly more uncomfortable as a result. Overall however, it was a great game and I had a lot of fun. I am still not willing to share my score, only this time I am blaming the rain (so there).

Highland Pacific 5
Hole one on Highland (front nine) and Pacific (back nine) from the course house.

Highland Pacific 6
The waterfall off of the tee box on the second hole of the back nine.

Highland Pacific 7
From the tee box off of the fifth hole in the back nine.
Today, Meganne, A. and myself had our first golf round of the 2017 season at Highland Pacific. It was not the best round of golf but it certainly was not our worst. M. did not end up showing up, so last minute our threesome was made a foursome with the additional of a wonderful man (who was very skilled). Unfortunately, I cannot remember his name. But he had a cart and his gave advice that was not pretentious and was very patient with our lack of skill in the sport (this is our second season really focusing on getting better at golf).

I will not be sharing my score today (I did log it into my app for statistical purposes). But I do have some great photos to share.

Highland Pacific 4
Looking at the 18th hole (9th in our case) at Highland Pacific

Highland Pacific 3
The 17th (8th in our case) hole at Highland Pacific

Highland Pacific 2
A nice fairway-lie on the 16th (7th in our case) at Highland Pacific

Highland Pacific 1
A look back at the tee-boxes on the 15th (6th) at Highland Pacific
The weather was alright, well typical Vancouver Island weather. It was raining when we left the house but was just a light mist at the course. A few holes were windy and the rain would pick up, but for the most part we managed to stay dry and warm. Last year, our first round was in May but we decided to get an early start this year. We've actually be hitting the driving range weekly since the end of February.