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October 2017


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Meganne, M., A. and myself played a foursome today at Highland Pacific. It was a typical Vancouver Island day in April that meant lots of rain which came and went on its own accord. The photos are similar to the ones from last week but trust me, the photographer was wet and significantly more uncomfortable as a result. Overall however, it was a great game and I had a lot of fun. I am still not willing to share my score, only this time I am blaming the rain (so there).

Highland Pacific 5
Hole one on Highland (front nine) and Pacific (back nine) from the course house.

Highland Pacific 6
The waterfall off of the tee box on the second hole of the back nine.

Highland Pacific 7
From the tee box off of the fifth hole in the back nine.
Today, Meganne, A. and myself had our first golf round of the 2017 season at Highland Pacific. It was not the best round of golf but it certainly was not our worst. M. did not end up showing up, so last minute our threesome was made a foursome with the additional of a wonderful man (who was very skilled). Unfortunately, I cannot remember his name. But he had a cart and his gave advice that was not pretentious and was very patient with our lack of skill in the sport (this is our second season really focusing on getting better at golf).

I will not be sharing my score today (I did log it into my app for statistical purposes). But I do have some great photos to share.

Highland Pacific 4
Looking at the 18th hole (9th in our case) at Highland Pacific

Highland Pacific 3
The 17th (8th in our case) hole at Highland Pacific

Highland Pacific 2
A nice fairway-lie on the 16th (7th in our case) at Highland Pacific

Highland Pacific 1
A look back at the tee-boxes on the 15th (6th) at Highland Pacific
The weather was alright, well typical Vancouver Island weather. It was raining when we left the house but was just a light mist at the course. A few holes were windy and the rain would pick up, but for the most part we managed to stay dry and warm. Last year, our first round was in May but we decided to get an early start this year. We've actually be hitting the driving range weekly since the end of February.

April Photos

Monday, 17 April 2017 05:57 pm
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I've been having some fun around the house with my digital camera in BW mode. Here is just a sample of some things that I have taken this month. I am not sorry for the number of cat photos either.

The first of these three are from items I have on a floating shelve above my television in the office. And the last one is the doorway into my office from the hall.

Keep Calm and Carry On, 1
Keep Calm and Carry On, 1

Keep Calm and Carry On, 2
Keep Calm and Carry On, 2

Enter Sanctuary
Enter Sanctuary
These next ones are a series on my three legged best friend Keetcha.
Getting Around
Getting Around

Keeping Guard
Keeping Guard

Keetcha Eating, 1
Keetcha Eating, 1

Keetcha Eating, 2
Keetcha Eating, 2

And lastly, I have a few photos from around the house.
Stained Glass, 1
Stained glass, 1

The Table, 1
The Table, 1

Around the Corner and to the Front
Around the Corner and to the Front

I plan on taking my camera to sea with me this week and so I should be able to get some great photographs to share from there. Additionally, for some reason, I just feel compelled to take some photos and share them here. So hopefully there will be more.


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