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October 2017


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On Easter 2017

Sunday, 16 April 2017 10:44 am
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To whom it may concern:

Today, in the Christian faith, is the third day-- the day Christ rises from the dead after his crucifixion. Today is the most important holy day within all of Christianity. And for good reason, today is the day of justification, when all things are made new through Christ conquering death and sin. For the believer, today is the day that is rooted in all of the texts and all of the prophets of old. For the non-believer, today is a day rooted in the archetype of the greatest hero and the tragedy of death.

And for me the division between what Easter and the season of spring generally means from a Christian and pagan perspective is important. It highlights the divine nature of this season and the ritual of Easter in the Christian faith because of the fact that it is rooted in our biological need to look to a greater power for our protection and prosperity. The story of Christ is one that has existed within the archetype of human understanding beyond the writing of the book of Exodus. The concept of a hero that would sacrifice themselves for the good of the people as a whole is certainly not new to humans and Christianity itself certainly does not hold a monopoly on the concept. Furthermore, the attention to devotion toward a particular deity, especially during the great thaw from winter to summer is not new to humanity. And Christianity is not the first religion or sect to claim this season as the most important within the annual calendar.

For religions and rituals exist to satisfy our biologically driven need to depend on something greater than our own individual selves. And religion and rituals are vehicles for the archetypes that are handed down from generation to generation that form the patterns of our means of survival. We can go back to tribal societies and see archetypes developing around how to quickly identify friend from foe and we see these archetypes develop more complexly over time to a modern western society today where the average person comes into contact with more strangers in one morning than their equivalent in a tribal society would in their lifetime. These archetypes have indeed become complex. The archetype of the supreme hero that in Christ in Christianity is not immune to this development and this current complexity.

Today, the expression of rebirth inherent in the spring season is captured within the rising of new life of Christ and the Christian people as a result. This is a western expression of the archetype of the spring season and the harvest soon to be tilled and sown. No doubt other great traditions around the world have other outward expressions of this very same archetype. However, I am a Christian personally because of my connection and my own development within the western society. The archetype of rebirth and the hero of Christ is capable of capturing certain patterns and emotional responses that will be similar to those around me in the western world and that is how the ritual can become a greater sacrifice within the group. This is the foundation of religion and the ritual. And it will continue to exist as the expression changes over time, but the archetype will generally remain the same, if not become even more complex.

Easter, Christ, Christianity, spring, rebirth, ritual, sacrifice and archetype. All of these powerful elements of our humanity and western society specifically are present in the Easter season. It is indeed the most significant Christian and western holiday.

He is risen,
To whom it may concern:

First, I would like to apologize for my lack of activity around here as of late. To be fair, DW was not my only social networking service to be neglected during my prolonged period of absence, so there is that. But I changed the format of this blog into writing in letter format in order to have some sort of an inspiration to come here and write-- in the end after two entries I disappeared. So, for that, I am sorry.

Next, I would like to welcome all of the new users of DW coming from Livejournal. Terrible things are happening in Russia right now regarding the LGBTQ community and Livejournal is finding itself smack in the middle of the fight in the online realm. I do not need to get into the specifics of how it is happening or why it is happen (just click this link for that sort of background information), but I side with DW in pleading for users here to consider a donation to the Russian LGBT Network/Российская ЛГБТ-сеть. I hope that DW as a whole becomes more active and people are energized to jumpstart the communities that have started to die. In particular, I hope that the [community profile] canadianpolitics community starts to pick up in activity (who is with me to help that out?).

I do plan on writing here more often. Things have changed a lot at work, and I am looking forward to sharing my new adventures with all of you.

Until next time,

EDIT: [personal profile] muccamukk has informed me that the Russian LGBT Network cannot accept foreign donations and suggests this site for North Americans to donate and help the cause ->
To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to report that I have decided on a template and general theme for this blog. My hope is that it will spur me to post more often and with more relevant content in the future. This blog will now feature posts written in the form of letters directly from me. The addressee of said letters is really going to be endless list because it could include all of my subscribers in a general format (such as this one, addressed fittingly to whomever it may concern) but could also include people I meet in real life or corporations I engage with, friends, family, co-workers, my work in general; the list literally is endless. And that is a good thing, because they can be rants, praises or little notes about my daily life. All packaged and formatted in beautiful letter format.

When you think about it, letter writing is actually quickly becoming a lost art. Most people no longer write long form or with pens (ironically my blog is called PenlessEJ for that very reason). However, letter writing was once an art that was curated and developed by people who called themselves men (or women, but mostly men because of the time) of letters. I like to consider myself a man of letters, and hence the reason for this particular formatting.

I enjoy DW because the content is relevant, I find what people write here interesting. It is certainly more interesting than the snippets of photos, comments and statuses that come with Facebook. And it runs better while I am at sea than Tumblr or Wordpress. I have also curated a small group of subscribers and friends here who contribute wonderful content that I am drawn to read and comment on. Engagement is important, even if not literally in person. And so I hope to continue my time here on Dreamwidth with my letter writing blog.

This blog will remain the same with regard to content. You will get insight into my daily life as a soon-to-be husband to an amazing and powerful woman, a future father (hopefully sooner rather than later), a Naval Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy and a 30 year old politically engaged Canadian. You will also get all of the warts and rants and ravings that come along with an ENTP (the debater) personality with an opinion on everything and then some. And hopefully you will come to know me better in time (and hopefully, dear reader, I come to know you better as well).

I hope you return and I hope you enjoy the letters.

Yours in blogging,